どうやらこのコミットらしい。このissueが引用されています。 さらにこのMLの投稿がリンクされている。投稿者はEmmsのメンテナであるYuniさん。


What the MEPLA people are doing that I don't like:

    * Never communicate with the developers of the Emms in any way.

    * Omit many files that come with Emms.

    * Associate Emms with several Emms extensions that live only on
      MELPA and that we, the Emms developers, have never heard
      about. This would give anyone accessing Emms via MELPA that those
      extensions are somehow a part of Emms, when they are not.

      Maybe those extensions are good, in which case I would love for
      the developers to contact us, the Emms developers. But Maybe those
      extensions are bad, don't work, are out of date, or connect with
      non-free services.

    * Not even linking to the Emms home page
Ideas for improvement:

    * Encourage people to speak to the developers of a project before
      packaging it.

    * Find a way of packaging a project as-is. For instance, Emms could
      be distributed as is, and the M/ELPA software could simply point
      at where Emms keeps its .el files for Emacs to find. This is
      instead of how I see ELPA working now, which is to force the
      software through a kind of a sieve (I think ELPA calls it a
      recipe) where only a select few files come out the other end.

      Emms doesn't need a recipe; it already comes organized and
      packaged for working with Emacs.

      It makes me think of taking bread, crumbling it up, the mushing
      those crumbs back together to re-form a new loaf of bread.




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